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What’s So Unbelievable?

Resurrection from the dead is a common topic of discussion in religious circles. Any discussion between a Christian and non-Christian must always come to this topic. Determining whether or not a person believes in the resurrection is the single most pivotal corner to turn on the path toward “I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God.” And that would seem like a natural conclusion for a person to reach. It would seem like a natural conclusion for a person to reach. It would seem that belief in Jesus’ resurrection from the dead should be easy. What could possibly hold someone back?

Consider that in which someone must actually believe to accept the resurrection of Jesus Christ as truth.

  • Jesus is the only person to ever accomplish this. Others have been raised from the dead, but no one else has accomplished this under his own power. Jesus’ resurrection is literally 1 in billions.
  • Jesus was formally executed under the Roman Empire. The death penalty under that particular regime is known to history as one of the most thorough and excruciating in any culture or time. To overcome such bodily trauma could be nothing short of miraculous.
  • Consider the difficulty that even modern medicine faces in repairing a human body that still has the spark of life within it. More specifically, consider the difficulty of repairing the body of an infant born with some sort of defect. Even with all the energy and capacity for life and growth, it can be a difficult job. Then consider the difficulty of repairing an adult’s body that has had no spark of life for a few days. It is a truly insurmountable task.
  • Consider also the myths and legends that have arisen since the time of Christ about the difficulty and consequences of bringing someone back to life. Dr. Frankenstein’s attempt created a monster—not anywhere close to bringing back the life that he hoped to resurrect. All fictional stories of attempted resurrection eventually end in sadness.

It is no small wonder, then, that people do have difficulty believing in the simple words of the angel: “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen.” Though the Bible may speak of Jesus’ resurrection in an assumptive tone, it is not to be assumed that it can happen routinely or easily. Science tells us resurrection is impossible. Fiction literature tells us resurrection is impossible. Skeptics tell us resurrection is impossible. Even “common sense” tells us resurrection is impossible.

And yet, our faith and the evidence tell us “He is not here. He is risen.”


-Submitted by Dan Lankford

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