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The Skyview Daily Bible Reading program for 2013 will take you on a journey through the Bible to learn about God’s plan of salvation. Throughout the year each set of readings is broken down to weekly segments. This study of God’s Plan of Salvation, or GPS, is a great way to learn the Big Picture of God’s design as recorded in scripture.

In each weeks readings there will be a Reader’s Guide with four study aids that will be help you understand and share the passages you read – Snapshot, Danger/Construction, Rubber Meets the Road, By the Wayside and Fuel Tank.

Snapshot will give a brief summary of what the readings of the week will cover.

The Danger/Construction section of each week’ Reader’s Guide will deal with some bumpy spots in the road where the text may be confusing or difficult.

Rubber Meets the Road deals with the application of what we read and how we can make it apart of our daily life.

The By the Wayside segments are deigned to give you something to talk about when you walk by the wayside; when you talk to your family, your spouse, your best friend or colleagues.

Fuel Tank — As we go through the readings this year, you’ll want to mentally bookmark several of the chapters to “fuel” your efforts in evangelism.